About Us

Founding purpose of Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm is to provide legal services based on experience, detailed research and extensive knowledge to our clients expeditiously and operably.

When our partners decided to establish the Law Firm, they realized that individuals and companies have difficulties in reaching the law, the rules cannot be internalized in practice since the law is only seen as a set of rules, individuals and companies take legal support only when a problem arises and have only one initial and final meeting with their lawyers for their problems. Therefore, our Law Firm set out to find a solution for all these issues.

Internalization of law for individuals and organizations and making the law functional in daily life is only possible through lawyers. The service that is rendered by a lawyer must contain intensive research, knowledge and legislation follow-up while it is served in a way that individuals and companies can easily understand and implement in daily life.

Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm, established with the aim of achieving this goal, carries out its work with young and dynamic team members in a way that the clients can access at any time and get legal service in a long-term trust relationship.

Our Law Firm’s practice is not to send the legislative provisions to our clients and leave them alone with these provisions; but to apply these provisions together to the dispute with them and follow up at any time and to create solutions by creating different legal approaches to the problems and to gain time and benefit.

We would like to thank all of our solution partners and clients who have been with us in this period for their cooperation.

Practice Princciples

Our team takes great care to be available at every moment of need.

The first priority in the relationship that we establish with our clients is trust.

Our Law Firm does not only provide information but also gives details about how clients are required to use the information and act at the time that the information is put into practice.

Our team actively follows the current judicial decisions as well as following the regulations and uses them in tasks that are delegated to them.

One of the most important principles of Our Law Firm is to find solutions. Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are extensively applied in our Law Firm.

All the completed works is archived and may be delivered to the clients when needed.

Every work received for our Law Firm is followed up with the same importance and care regardless of its value or parties.

Confidentiality is essential in every transaction that is made in our Law Firm.

Our primary aim is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and achieve sustainable success.

Our Law Firm attaches importance to social responsibility projects. In order to make our world more livable, we actively get into the act in the office and in every possible area.

Every lawyer in our team has the same the importance regardless of their seniority. The only thing that varies is their area of specialization.

Our team follows the economic, political and scientific developments both in the world and in Turkey, and always takes care to keep up to date.

Solutions Partners

In addition to the legal support provided in Turkey, Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm renders legal services in all areas of law in four other countries in cooperation with associated law firms.