Practice Areas

Our Law Firm provides legal services in the field of commercial law to our clients in the field of commercial law; negotiable instruments law, Joint Stock Companies, Limited Companies, Company Establishments, Company Liquidations, Association Agreements, Board of Directors Decisions, General Assembly Decisions, Company Main Contracts, Capital Structures, and acquisitions and share transfers and contract process management, participation in contract negotiations, providing HR unit document standardization, and legal counseling services.

The new Commercial Code is being taken into account in our current practices and our clients are informed in advance.

Our law firm has a has an expert level of knowledge and over 10 years of intensive field experience in the field of dealing counterfeit products and anti-piracy.

We are providing legal services to brand, patent and other intellectual property rights holders on;

  • detection of use,
  • any administrative and customs application,
  • conducting determination of evidence at infringers’ workplaces through the court channel,
  • simultaneous search and seizure,
  • arrest of products when necessary,
  • conducting all kinds of legal, criminal applications and follow-up,
  • destruction of confiscated products,
  • reimbursement of the budgets lost by our clients due to counterfeit and pirated products; both through negotiation and settlements and with compensation lawsuits filed against infringers

regarding counterfeit of textiles, glassware, artworks and especially software and technology alongside with many sectors.

In this area, our law firm has been representing more than 15 global companies and many Turkish companies, and so far it has compensated losses of right holders by seizing counterfeits and licensing pirated products at a cost of more than $20 million.

Our law office’s intensive legal activities, particularly related to the imitation and piracy of technology and software products, have added high level of knowledge on software and technology piracy to our team. Each member of our lawyer team has advanced technical knowledge of legal knowledge and competence, as well as IT, computer systems, cybersecurity and especially our clients’ software and technology products.

Our law firm can carry out a total of 14-15 unlicensed/counterfeit product determinations in 5 different provinces per day at the same time when needed.

Thanks to our partner law offices in 4 different countries, we are able to provide all these services to global brands internationally.

Our Law Firm provides our clients consultancy and litigation services regarding liability of medical errors in the field of Health Law arising from negligence of medical personnel, patient and physician rights, institutional and professional liability insurance for health institutions and employees.

In addition, in the field of Pharmaceutical Law, counseling and advocacy services are provided to hospital and other healthcare company clients producing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and materials in the pharmaceutical and health sectors. In particular, pharmaceutical company clients are provided legal support in the preparation and regulation of contracts for production, distribution, distribution and clinical research of drug raw materials.

Disputes arising from drug patents and trademarks regarding sector are followed up.

The rapid expansion of international trade on the road to globalization has further increased the need for national and foreign firms to maintain their distinctive characteristic products, services and technology transfers. İntellectual and Industrial Rights Law in this frame has also developed rapidly in Turkey. In this direction, the relevant laws have been renovated and developed as a part of many conventions.

Our Law Firm works especially in the registration and protection of foreign brands, patents and industrial designs in Turkey and in the registration and protection of Turkish trademarks, patents and industrial designs in foreign countries.

The services we offer in this area;

  • Any procedure regarding Trademarks and their relevant Rights
  • Any procedure regarding Patent Rights
  • Copyrights
  • Prevention of abuse of trade secrets
  • Providing advisory services on IP rights in case of merges and takeovers
  • International brand research, registration and transfers
  • Providing consultation services and preparing contracts for license contract negotiations
  • Industrial Design Applications

Our Law Firm also carries out activities for the protection of intellectual and industrial rights on the internet environment.

Our Law Firm provides consultancy and advocacy services to the our Client companies, such as structuring of labor law procedures, preparation and implementation of personnel labor contracts and regulations, management of ongoing business relations with personnel within current labor law context, structuring of human resources unit and standardization of working systems.

Our individual clients are provided with legal services in the management of business relations and subsequent litigation processes within the framework of labor law.

Our Law Firm offer services to its Clients at trademark infringements committed via the internet, new “cyber-crimes” added to our Criminal Code (use of the information in the system without permission, transfer, change the system and its components in order to benefit, fraud committed by means of informatics, crimes of forgery), e-trade, execution of telecommunication services, user contracts, obtaining telecommunication licenses and general permissions, and service contracts.

Our Law Firm is working efficiently with his experience in Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Claim – Debt Management. Litigation processes are concluded in a swift and targeted manner.

Our Law Firm takes steps in order to collect the claims of the clients as soon as possible and in the most effective manner. In this context, necessary information about debtor and assets are gathered swiftly and shared with the client.

Our Law Firm provides legal services for the clients in the debt enforcement-bankruptcy process, such as debt relief, cancellation and postponement of bankruptcy.

Our Law Firm provides services before, during and after the lawsuit in the scope of Media Law Legislation to meet any kind of dispute settlement.


  • Media company incorporation
  • Consultancy on buying and selling of media companies
  • Providing legislative compliance of activities of media body before regulations in force (RTÜK etc.)
  • Material and moral damage lawsuits arisen out of written and visual publications
  • Lawsuits arisen out of defamation, calumniation, defamatory publications
  • Investigation of media companies in terms of tax and labor law
  • Execution of legal procedures related to RTÜK and other administrative offices of private television establishments
  • Preparation of any legal contracts related to Media Law

Our Law Firm provides legal services regarding administrative proceedings against administrative acts conducted by state authorities and independent administrative authorities, the necessary follow-up on these applications, if the applicants are not finalized, follow up the proceedings before the administrative courts especially any kind of dispute solutions at pre-trial, proceedings and after-trial stages in the context of Administrative Law Legislation.

Our law firm especially has experience at disputes arising out of immovables transferred via inheritance from commutation period. Works conducted regarding investigation of ownership of the immovable and transferring ownership to the real rightholder.

Our Law Firm has experience especially in the conflicts over immovables which are transferred through inheritance from the period of exchange. In these types of cases, the investigation of the ownership of the real estate is carried out and afterwards procedures regarding transfer of ownership to the real owner are carried out.

In our country, an average of 600,000 people marry every year. Marriage figures have been in decrease over the years, while divorce figures are increasing at a similar rate. An average of 155,000 couples decide to divorce per year, which leads us to the fact that 25% of marriages result in divorce.

One of the biggest factors in the reduction of marriage figures is the development of a defense against the material and moral difficulties experienced by couples during divorce processes. Couples are abstaining from making a decision on marriage due to avoiding divorce and its results.

Marriage can be finalized quickly and easily, while divorce procedures are sometimes carried out with lawsuits which are lasting 7 years in our country. People who did not consult to a lawyer who specialized in premarital matters and did not consider the responsibilities of marriage and possible divorce risks; may suffer great losses in these processes.

Our Law Office acts on the principle of preventive legal approach in Family Law as well as in other legal branches. Within the scope of our Premarital Legal Counseling Services, we analyze material and moral responsibilities of parties arising out of the marriage, financial partnerships, custody and the risks they may face in the event of a possible    divorce. With this service, we ensure that couples who will marry and their families will be fully   adapted to their new lives and have no question marks in their minds.

In this context, the services we provide to the people who will marry, and their families are listed as follows;

  1. Counseling on the legal responsibilities that will arise on husband and wife with marriage,
  2. Counseling on the marriage of foreign people in Turkey,
  3. Preparation of the separation of goods agreements on request,
  4. Explaining how premarital acquired goods and inheritance will be included in or not to the other spouse’s assets,
  5. The usage of spouses’ income for the livelihood of the house,
  6. Rights and responsibilities for the child’s care and custody,
  7. All risks and preventive measures that may be taken in the event of a possible divorce,
  8. The status of the spouse who is a shareholder in a multi-partnership company,
  9. The impact of marriage and divorce on the assets of families of the spouses,

Efforts are being made to determine the client’s explicit decision by giving opinions on the divorce protocol, which can be requested by the client first of all in an uncontested divorce process. An uncontested divorce protocol is structured for the purpose of prospecting by making appropriate negotiations and conducting detailed negotiations, and approval process is carried out in judicial authorities.

Competitive divorce cases are also our Law Firm’s one of main fields of study and it is emphasized that these processes are carried out as far as possible without harming Party’s psychology. The provisions of the custody, divorce, distribution of the acquired properties are included in the field of study of our Law Firm. Our Law Firm ensures the continuation of the case without the knowledge of the 3rd persons through the decision of the Court’s privacy decision.

Our Law Firm provides consulting services for the solution of the disputes that our clients are exposed by applying alternative dispute resolution methods such as local and international arbitration, arbitration agreements and mandatory mediation for collective labor law, collective bargaining and reconciliation for the Arbitration Board and trade union.

Our Law Firm attaches great importance to the peaceful settlement management since it aims to offer quick and satisfactory solutions to all kinds of legal disputes to its clients. Before applying for the judicial way, our Law Firm strives to resolve the complaints of the clients and the disputes by means of peace with its Client’s consent.

Our Law Firm offers many law education courses with the opinion that sustainable success can be made possible through education.

Some of the topics of our trainings structured according to the needs of our Clients are;

  • Business Law Education
  • Health Law Education
  • Consumer Law Education
  • Rental Law Education
  • Contract Law Education
  • Intellectual Property Law Education
  • Competition Law Education
  • Negotiable Instruments Law Training
  • Basic Law Education for Bankers
  • Electronic Commerce Law Education
  • Informatics Technology Law Education
  • Basic Commercial and Debt Enforcement Law Education
  • Health Tourism Law Education

Our Law Firm provides legal counseling service to the contractors and landowners at every stage of the project regarding the urban transformation projects. Our Law Firm offers the following services under the scope of urban transformation project consultancy;· Investigation in Municipality, Directorate of Land Registry and Other Required Institutions
· Construction of the Project and the Independent Section Square and Location Sharing in Detail
· Preparation of the Floor Contract Construction Contract
· Follow-up of the license process
· Determination of rough Construction and detection of materials to be used with an Additional Technical Specification to the Contract
· Determination of criminal conditions for constructions such as extension of construction time, release of contracts to the contract and payment to property owners by collecting the claims money when necessary
· Securing the deposits stated at the Agreements and follow-up procedures regarding liquidation of deposit when necessary
· Registration before Notary and Land Registry Offices of the Floor Contract
· Determination and execution of the time of transfer of Deeds to Contractor
· Preparation of the Management Plan with the Contractor Company
· Registration of the Management Plan to Land Registry
· Participation to meeting during the whole process