Demet Yılmaz Utkaner

Executive Partner

Att. Demet Yılmaz Utkaner who graduated from an English high school in Giresun, completed her legal education in Marmara University Law Faculty in 2004.

Att. Demet Yılmaz Utkaner followed-up cases arising from Labor Law, Intellectual Property Law and Real Estate Law disputes in the first years of her professional life. At the same time, she has mainly specialized on Anti-Piracy and Compliance Law and worked in this area for many years. She has concluded thousands of disagreements by mutual consent with her negotiation skills and knowledge she gained in vocational trainings.

Att. Demet Yılmaz Utkaner, founding partner of Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm, has provided legal counseling in urban transformation projects regarding mass housing since she has extensive knowledge and experience in Real Estate Law and Urban Transformation Law. She has also pioneered implementation of the urban transformation projects in accordance with the law and by protecting the rights of individuals

Att. Demet Yılmaz Utkaner, managing partner of Enforcement Department of Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm, works coordinately with her team to persue revocation claims of many insurance companies as well as providing legal counseling for companies and individuals regarding their debts and claims. 

Att. Demet Yılmaz Utkaner has been working as a managing partner with experienced consultants and dynamic colleagues since the first day of the establishment of the Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm.