Nazlı Sezer

Executive Partner

Att. Nazlı Sezer who graduated from a German high school in İstanbul, completed her legal education in İstanbul Kültür University Law Faculty with academic merit scholarship.

Att. Nazlı Sezer worked as a lawyer in one of Turkey’s leading Law Firms which has heavy caseload for four years. After her resignation from the office as a managing partner in 2011, she has decided to establish her own law firm.

Att. Nazlı Sezer has contributed greatly to the development of the law and its functioning thanks to her publications alongside with her intensive work as a managing lawyer. 

Att. Nazlı Sezer drew up the Turkish Commercial Law section of the worldwide known Oxford University publication “The World Digest of Commercial Law” which gives wide coverage to the Commercial Law rules of each country. 

Att. Nazlı Sezer has published two other publications; “The Legal Responsibilities of the Parties in Clinical Drug Investigations” the first book published in this issue in Turkey and Physician’s Health Law Guide”. She has also provided legal consultancy services to physician associations for many years regarding to Health Law issues; and numerous malpractice victims to seek theirs right.

Att. Nazlı Sezer currently providing legal services in Anti-Piracy and Compliance Law department which is one of the main legal service areas of the Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm. She has been working with many domestic and foreign software companies on the removal of the violations of the imitation products and for licensing thousands of unlicensed products through legal transactions both in Turkey and Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and United Kingdom. 

Att. Nazlı Sezer has been working as a managing partner with experienced consultants and dynamic colleagues since the first day of the establishment of the Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm.